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Those were the days - Shot 2
The day Ichigo needed Ishida's help
"I'm not so sure about this..." Ichigo said, eyeing the black haired man in front of him.
"I'm not happy either, okay? It's not my favorite way to spend my day off teaching some moron!" Ishida replied, puffing with annoyance.
Between them, trying to create some kind of distance and peace in the meantime, Sado stood, with his heavy and massive body creating a shadow over them.
"Then go! I don't need your help! Go pester Tatsuki for all I care!" Ichigo said, pocketing his hands in a childish manner.
"Well, good luck trying to learn all by yourself!" Ishida huffed, turning his back on them.
"Wait!" Sado said, running behind the Quincy.
"I'm sorry, but I'm tired of his attitude. If he doesn't descend from his high horse no one can help him!" Ishida whispered furiously, observing the orange haired one pacing and grumbling unde
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Those were the days - Shot 1
The day when Orihime almost killed Isshin
Isshin was talking with his wife's portrait out loud, while putting food inside a picnic basket, whereas Karin was zapping through the channels, her finger quicker than a flash. They could hear Yuzu humming under her breath, inside the kitchen, cleaning the surfaces troughfully. Ichigo, however, was out of sight, until they heard steps coming from the upper floor, descending the stairs.
"Old man…" he called, stopping behind his father, with his hands inside his pockets.
"Yes?" Isshin replied, noticing the tone of his son's voice. He turned around to find the man with his eyes downcast and an unsure expression in his face.
"Can I bring another person today?" Ichigo asked.
"I'm asking if any of you mind if I bring someone else, today, with us…" Ichigo replied, slower and looking at
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Strawberry Love - The proposal
In one of my stories, I wrote a scene between Ichigo and Sado before the shinigami proposed to Orihime, but not scene of the question, so here it is, first the scene between Ichigo and Sado, if you didn't read my Knowing the Past, Writing the Future and then, the question per se.
The Proposal
The sun was almost hidden behind the mountains and the orange glow was coloring the river, shining in his course.
Two men walked side by side. One, a big amount of muscles and dark hair, with soundless steps that really didn't belonged to such a huge frame. The other a tall and thin man, with hair the color of the setting sun, that was kicking every stone in his path.
The sun was quickly disappearing, leaving the world under the shadows' domain. The orange haired man now with his hair looking like a brownish color, bitten his lip, squirmed with his left hand inside his pocket and finally opened his mouth.
"Chad…" Ichigo started, grabbing his companion attention. The giganti
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Strawberry Love - White Day
White Day
The carrot haired boy reached the classroom with a weird trepidation in his stomach.
He was not nervous… Kurosaki Ichigo could not, simply, be nervous over a simple matter like this… Or was he?
He felt the wood of the door under his fingers, the smooth surface in nothing easing his… weird feelings… yes, because it could not, absolutely, be nerves!
He sighed and backed away from the door…
Who was he trying to deceive? He was scared out of his mind! What would other people think if they saw him do something like that?
But he loved her, there was no doubt in his heart about that… damn, they were a couple already and everyone knew… then why such a simple gesture was so hard?
He remembered his sister Yuzu's advice, this morning, when she saw his pale face.
"Why do you like her, Ichi-nii?"
He scowled when she asked, but his sister replied he should think about that if he was getting cold feet. And t
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The Hero's name Chapter 28
Chapter 28 – Epilogue
Chapter's music - Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift feat The Civil Wars

"Can't you stop that? I can't hear that music again!" the man was saying, while observing his younger sister rocking his daughter inside her arms.
"But, Katsuo-nii, it is my lullaby! If it was mom, you wouldn't say for her to stop…" Hanako replied, her teenager's eyes flashing with victory.
"Of course not, but you're not mom and I don't want my daughter learning that song and then asking for all your weird food!" Katsuo replied, praying the baby away from his sister's arms.
"Please, don't fight!" came a tired voice from behind them and turning around they saw the weary new-mother walking down the stairs.
"Kaoru, you should be resting!" Katsuo said, closing the distance between them and kissing her temple.
Kaoru smiled and yawned. "I woke up and you weren't there… neither of you, and I wanted to see where my girl was…"
"Don't worry, Kaoru, mom is coming a
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The Hero's name Chapter 27
Chapter 27 – Gin's farewell
Chapter's music – Fix You by Coldplay

Orihime felt her eyes sting when she stepped out of the Abarai household, not because of herself, but because of the scene that was developing in front of her.
The blonde woman and the silver-haired man were looking at each other, some feet apart like they were afraid of touching the other for the last time. The woman was holding her head high, her back tense and her right hand playing with her necklace. The man was wearing a normal human attire, the opposite of what they were accustomed seeing him in and his expression was also different from what they used to see him wearing: it was sorrowful and sad, like he was trying to drink every sight of her.
"I feel sorry for them…" Orihime whispered to her husband, while he observed the pair with veiled eyes.
"Well, the Commander couldn't let him walk away in Soul Society like he was an innocent school girl…" Ichigo scoffed and Orihime gi
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The Hero's name Chapter 26
Chapter 26 – The Queen's Mission
Chapter's music – I know by Jude

The morning woke with a heavy mist, the houses were mere shadows, in a fathomless distance and people walked with quick strides, like the weather was putting a damper over their sense of security.
The woman backed away from the window, tired of the motionless view. Behind her, her husband sat cross legged in the middle of the room, waiting for any movement from her part. Seeing her turning around he got up and extended his hand toward her.
"We should probably go..." he said,noticing how her eyes fixed in his fingers.
"Do you think I'm a bad person?" her question caught him in surprise and he stattered.
"Of course not, you're the best person I know, the one that never leaves a wounded animal without shelter or a homeless person without food! You're the epitome of
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The Hero's name Chapter 25
Chapter 25 – The Princess' Request
Chapter's Music – Crawl by Kings of Leon  

Everyone was asleep when the woman got up. Her husband was beside her, snoring softly, his arms around their daughter in a protective stance. She had to be extra careful at not waking the little girl that was clinging to her arm while sleeping. However, they were so tired that all her efforts were probably useless, even if an explosion occurred they would sleep through it all.
She took a moment to stop and turn around to observe them. Ichigo had his mouth slightly open, an innocent expression over his calm features that only her had the privilege of seeing; Katsuo was using his arm as a pillow with only his forehead appearing from behind the sheets, his hair a wild mane, just like his father's and Hanako looked more like a ball, her legs dr
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The Hero's name Chapter 24
Chapter 24 – Confronting the memories
Chapter's music - Firework by Katy Perry
Don't fight it by The Panics

He observed how his parents touch him with all the care, how his mother's eyes would water at his slightest smile and how his father's eyes shined with pride at whatever he said. Hanako noticed those reactions too and with a comprehensive smile, winked at him. He smiled back, feeling his sister's reiatsu warm him.
When Kaoru entered the room, kneeling beside his head, he felt his heart beat quicker; his lips ache for hers and his hands wanting to touch her face. She kissed his cheek with a butterfly touch, barely touching him, however, he felt like it was one of the most intimate moments they had shared. He understood why, after all they shared and suffered, being able of feel that way at the sight of each other was the real p
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The Hero's name Chapter 23
Chapter 23 – Waking up
Chapter's Music - Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie
He was laying on a cold, rocky floor. Everything in his body hurt, like a truck had used him as a road. And he wasn't alone. He could hear others' breathing patterns beside his own, he could feel hands touching his body and he could hear, far away, fading voices that appeared to be calling him. A sweet voice, that made him remember ice cream and rainbows and another rougher one that remembered him of strawberries and swords…
"Katsuo, come back…"
"Please, wake up honey…"

He tried to squeeze his fingers and when he was able of doing it he heard two gasps and someone grabbed his hand, while another one touched his cheek softly. He swallowed the excess of saliva, tasting a taste of iron that made him realize he probably bitten himself, drawing bl
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Back to Back by FreakingOutGirl Back to Back :iconfreakingoutgirl:FreakingOutGirl 29 6
The Hero's name Chapter 22
Chapter 22 – The strength reborns
Chapter's music - Superman by Five for Fighting
"Katsuo!" he heard someone yelling, a female voice that made him jump from its clarity right beside his ear. He looked around to see a small necklace beside his head, a necklace with a stone and his name written on it, a necklace he remembered as being a gift from Kaoru…
"Kaoru…" he whispered, looking around, searching for her.
"Katsuo-nii!" he heard a small giggle behind him and tried to turn and see who called him, but no one was there.
"Hanako…" he called louder. "Kaoru! Where are you?" he tried to scream, but his throat hurt too much.
He could still see them, those two that resembled his parents… They were observing, with curious expressions, his struggles to search for his missing family.
"They are gone…" they said, at the sam
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The Hero's name Chapter 21
Chapter 21 – The Souls' Fight
Chapter's music – Bloodstream by Stateless
The two sets of feet were pounding the rocky floor, approaching the place where they could feel the two reiatsu, one of them so weak it looked it was almost dead.
"Katsuo…" the orange haired one moaned, feeling how low the reiatsu of his son was.
When they finally found the pair, on the floor, Ichigo ran to them, engulfing his wife and son in his strong embrace. Orihime rubbed her face against his chest, feeling his smell of chocolate and a musky scent that could only be described as Ichigo's, enveloped her senses. She could feel her son's breathing against her neck, while his face was kept over her shoulder by Ichigo's arm.
"I found you…" he whispered, crushing them against his frame, until someone yanked him away from his family.
"What the fuck?" he roared, lo
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The Hero's name Chapter 20
Chapter 20 – A mother's heart
Chapter's music - English cover of Euterpe from Guilty Crown by Amanda Lee (LeeandLie)
She could feel the warm of her powers under her feet, warming her bare legs, while the wild river kept running through miles under her.
The opening to the cave was hidden behind the falling branches of a rotted tree, whose dead limbs made her shiver when it touched her skin. She jumped from her golden platform, touching the rocks in each side of the cave with her fingertips, making sure it was real.
Inside, the walls were humid, the drops of water falling in a continuous song all around her. She could see the fungus growing between the stones, the soft touch of moss under her hands and the smell of iron mixed with the water.
The small corridor ended in a large cave, in which three halls, beside the one Orihime just existed, appeared a
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The Hero's name Chapter 19
Chapter 19 – The small key
Chapter's music – Empty Room by Marjorie Fair
Ichigo was running through the woods, barely seeing the trees that disappeared with each step. He was grumbling under his breath, fisting his zanpakutou inside his hands. He couldn't believe that he left Orihime behind, after she made him promise to let her fight beside him… but… right now, when he wasn't sure what would wait them ahead could he really keep that promise? It wasn't the first time he broke a promise with her… he could remember painfully well how he let her get hurt, how he let those monster take her away from him, how he almost lost the sun of his world… No, it was not the time to be thinking about that! His son needed him and even if he had no idea where he was, he was going to find him, even if he had to burn the entire fore
:iconfreakingoutgirl:FreakingOutGirl 5 3
The Hero's name Chapter 18
Chapter 18 – Saving her, saving him…
Chapter's music –Heart of Stone by Iko
Game of Thrones' Opening Theme
She was sitting right beside the river, watching the current flow with the wind and time, the fireflies around her turning the place a magic vision. However, she couldn't see that ethereal space without picturing him next to her: he was the first one with whom she shared that secret place, after they kissed for the first time in the shadows created by Seireitei's festival gazebos.
She threw a rock to the water, watching it sink to the darkness under the flowing current and sighed. She felt just like that rock, with no help to emerge from her drowning feelings, thrown to someplace by someone she didn't know. Her zanpakutou, poised beside her, on the grass, reflected the moonlight, sending flashes of light against her eyes.
"A beauti
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